Titanium Alloy




Titanium Alloy is an Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 Alloy composed of rare metals.


Effects & Uses


Where to Find/Location

  • Dropped by Medium Biped (level 18+)
  • Dropped by Linked-sphere Type
  • Reward for completing Game Dev Machine Lv 2
  • Reward for completing Reconnaissance Squad
  • Three can be found inside a chest in the second large building of the forest castle. Just after the first linked-sphere machine and before the second set of stairs on a hard to reach platform. 
  • Three can be found in the left intersection in city ruins:cave. Dark room with two small sphere enemies (the drill type things) Found chest when searching for 9S
  • Sold by robot merchant in the Underground Colosseum found in the Forest Zone on Route B. (Must have DLC installed and have accepted the Mysterious Letter side quest)
  • Three can be found in the stair case in the Desert Housing complex, just near before where the enemy mobs spawn


  • A total of 60 Titanium Alloys required for all upgrades.
  • This can be farmed early in the game after you finish the desert quest. A few medium bipeds (0~4) spawn behind the save point in the apartment complex area of the desert. Their levels vary from 16-18, but all have the chance to drop it. It is a very rare drop, so you can use the save/load technique to quickly dispatch the enemies and respawn them. It is highly recommended that you use item drop rate chips as that will increase the chance to obtain the item.
  • After you finish the first main quest that takes you into the Desert: Housing Complex where you first fight Adam, return to the circular arena where multiple Medium Bipeds will continuously spawn along with Small Bipeds, Goliath Bipeds, and occasional Exploders, all at level 38.  Try to equip item drop rate chips and target down the Medium BiPeds, grabbing any drops until you get the Titanium Alloy you are looking for.
  • Seems also a rare drop by the Linked-sphere-types that roam city ruins and in route B the flooded city.


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    • Anonymous

      My favorite farm spot for titanium alloy (incl. exp and chips) is definitely the desert housing complex arena.

      • Anonymous

        Between the desert apartment save point and where the farmable 16-18 bipods exist there is a building to your right where you can climb the stairs and pick up 3 titanium alloy rly early on (checked after getting to village, might be there before as well)

        • Anonymous

          Best place I can think of to farm titanium alloys is the underground part at the desert apartment complex, where you initially fought Adam.

          You'll be facing:
          1-2 Goliath bipeds
          a mix of small stubbies, small and medium bipeds
          3 "suicide bipeds"

          That's a great place to farm drops, since you'll never run out of enemies, making it also one of the best XP farming spots I can think of.
          Equipping a drop rate plugin will help you get the good stuff. Also, it's not like the enemies disappear or you get locked in, you are free to leave and come back whenever you want to.

          Speaking of which, due to a constant stream of enemies, that location is also an awesome place to hone your combo skills with new/unfamiliar weapons.

          • Anonymous

            Just dropped by a Medium Quadruped in Route B, at level ~30. Only dropped once out of 3, and I had a Drop Rate +1, so I can't confirm the rarity.

            • Anonymous

              The medium shooters at the circus drop them, though it's really rare. Got a couple farming that area on my first playthrough even though they're below level 18

              • Anonymous

                Above the stairs in the forest king's level. Have to doublejump and then dash to get to the ledge above these stairs in the sidescroller view.

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