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Game Creator Machine



Game Dev Machine Lv 2 is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"The game-creating machine at the amusement park needs more materials in order to make a more difficult game. Go to the abandoned factory and acquire a four-color cable from the soldier machines there."

"The machine lifeform at the amusement park used the item to create a second hacking game. It says it will give you a prize if you can find the bugs hidden in it."

"9S found the bugs in the hacking game. The thrilled creator happily handed over the prize."


Game Dev Machine Lv 2 Objectives

  1. Complete Game Dev Machine Lv 1
  2. Travel to the abandoned factory by going to Factory: Entrance
  3. Defeat a machine at the factory
  4. Bring the cable back to the machine lifeform.



Game Dev Machine Lv 2 Rewards



Game Dev Machine Lv 2 Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your second playthrough (9S) and after the Assault event at City Ruins. Go to the Amusement Park and take the lift under the boss room area. Follow the path to come to a section with several monitors and the Game Creator Machine. Finish Game Dev Machine Lv 1 to receive this quest.
  • Travel to Factory: Entrance and go inside. Defeat the first few enemies you encounter, until you get a Four-color Cable.
  • Return to the Game Creator Machine. Test the game until it bugs out. to do so, destroy only one of the two cylindrical pillars and approach the core without destroying the other. then receive your reward and accept the next quest: Game Dev Machine Lv 3 



  • Ignore the first couple of enemies in the game and head towards the cynlinder enemies, destroying one should debug the game.
  • It is actually possible to start and complete all three of the Game Dev Machine quests before the Assault quest. During Ch 05-01: Pascal's Village (Machine Request, Machine Trade) (Route B) after speaking to Pascal for the first time, the red (???) dot for Game Dev Machine Lv 1 appears. Start the quest and the game will thereafter allow you to play and complete all three quests before Ch 05-02: Goliath Attack (Assault) (Route B) if you so desire.
  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      Found it elsewhere, hopefully ppl coming here after me will read this and not follow your instructions retards:
      "Simply go left and hug the left wall until you find a glitch that lets you go out of bounds."

      • Anonymous

        None of these worked for me. I played it like 50 times.
        I did the following:
        - destroyed only pillars
        - destroyed only 4 inner objects
        - destroyed everything in different orders, starting with a different one in each time
        - didn't destroy anything, but went close to all of them without getting dmg and the moving into middle section next to the boss
        - right away moved to boss without destroying anything
        - moving around the objects in the inner circle, not killing any of them
        - trying to use the boss to push the inner objects next to each other
        - trying to move the boss unit to go next to the pillars

        I want to express my disappointment in the ppl commenting before me for not being able to describe the solution properly - which is also true for the wiki description. Honestly this was just a waste of time.

        • Anonymous

          Simply moving towards the boss without killing anything was enough. You don't have to destroy one pillar only. Simply avoid all enemies.

          • Anonymous

            For me the bugging bugged the actual game. Meaning that I got stuck in the glitched interface with out having the ability to get out of the hacking space. I can pause the game but I cant exit the game with out forcing it close. This was on my first attempt at it.

            • Anonymous

              To make the game bug this time, you have to destroy one of the pillars, and enter the ball chamber without destroying the other one.

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