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Creator Game Arcadia for Acte Machine Forced Enceitre Prehistorique Gear Military Marine Royal Tear Devicor Machine 1UP LvPC1 is a Side Quest in NieR: Automatique & Manual


"A machine lifeform at the amusement park needs an item to create a game. The item can be obtained by defeating machines at the park."

"The machine lifeform at the amusement park used your materials to create a hacking game. He also offered you a prize if you find the bugs hidden in his game."

"9S found the bugs in the hacking game. The thrilled creator happily handed over the prize."


Game Dev Machine Lv 1 Objectives

  1. Talk to the Game Creator Machine
  2. Defeat a machine at the park entrance and obtain Tri-Color Cable
  3. Bring the materials to the machine lifeform
  4. Test the game



Game Dev Machine Lv 1 Rewards



Game Dev Machine Lv 1 Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your second playthrough (9S) after defeating Beauvoir  and have approached the small flyer machine lifeform holding a white flag (that leads you to Pascal's village). Go to the Amusement Park and take the lift under the boss room area. Follow the path to come to a section with several monitors and the Game Creator Machine.
  • He needs a tri-color cable, but doesn't want to kill fellow machines for it.
  • Go to the park entrance and attack one of the machines on the constant parade, preferably without aggroing all of them. If it drops the Tri-color Cable, you're good to go and can go back to the client.
  • Test the game until it bugs out. To do this, hug the left wall until you go through it, then receive your reward and accept the next quest: Game Dev Machine Lv 2




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    • Anonymous

      Anyone know if it's possible to replay these games like you can do hacking in the Arcade?
      I accidentally debugged level 2 by just trying to beat it.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone here knows nothing. Just Go through the left wall, Just in the Middle. That Will debug the game.

        • Anonymous

          This description isn't very clear.
          1.) Do not attack anything in the courtyard. Set your companion to a non-aggressive state, such as Passive. While this may seem like common sense to not attack friendlies, a lot of people grind in that courtyard by dropping a Pod Wave next to the statue in the middle (thus killing everything on the ground and air in 1 hit) because it's great for farming EXP Up and Drop Rate Up chips at the same time in the courtyard/stairs area. This won't work for getting the quest item and I honestly don't know why. It just doesn't. The quest NPC has to attack you alone.
          2.) When "debugging" the game, don't try to beat it. Just lurk around somewhere safe in the maze for about 10 seconds without even shooting.

          • Anonymous

            When you are tasked with fighting the machine in the plaza you can actually aggro him without attacking or firing at anyone since the machine spawned by the quest is hostile on sight. I figured that out when I was looking up the quest and found that I already had one striking me.

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