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Game Dev Machine Lv 3 is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"The game-creating machine at the amusement park needs more materials in order to make an even more difficult game. Go to the desert and acquire a five-color cable from the machines there."

"The machine lifeform at the amusement park used the item to create a third hacking game. It says it will give you a prize if you can find the bugs hidden in it."

"9S found the bugs in the hacking game. The thrilled creator happily handed over the prize."


Game Dev Machine Lv 3 Objectives

  1. Complete Game Dev Machine Lv 2
  2. Travel to the Desert: Camp access point
  3. Defeat a machine at the desert to obtain drop
  4. Bring the cable back to the machine lifeform.



Game Dev Machine Lv 3 Rewards



Game Dev Machine Lv 3 Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your second playthrough (9S) and after the Assault event at City Ruins. Go to the Amusement Park and take the lift under the boss room area. Follow the path to come to a section with several monitors and the Game Creator Machine. Finish Game Dev Machine Lv 2 to receive this quest.
  • Travel to Desert: Camp access point and go into the Desert Zone area marked in the map. Defeat a Medium Biped here for the Five-color Cable.
  • Return to the Game Creator Machine. Play the game until it bugs out. You will then receive your reward.
  • After debugging the game, the Game Creator Machine will tell you it has run out of ideas, and you will have completed the Game Dev Machine questline.




  • To debug the game, defeat all the enemies without taking any damage.
  • Another possible debug:  Move to the bottom right corner of the level.
  • When you complete this quest, an 8-bit version of the Amusement Park theme plays until it finishes or you transport out of the area.




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