The Item Shop in Nier Automata is situated at the headquarter base in space. It allows players to purchase consumables and HUD upgrades.

Item Shop Price List

Item & Image Quantity Cost
Small Recovery   100G
Medium Recovery   200G
Melee Attack Up (S)   100G
Ranged Attack Up (S)   100G
Melee Defense Up (S)   100G
Ranged Defense Up (S)   100G
HUD: HP Gauge   500G
HUD: Sound Waves   5,000G
HUD: Enemy Data   500G
HUD: Skill Gauge   500G
HUD: Text Log   500G
HUD: Mini-map   500G
HUD: EXP Gauge   5,000G
HUD: Save Points   500G
HUD: Damage Values   500G
HUD: Objectives   500G
HUD: Control   500G
HUD: Fishing Spots   5,000G
Auto-Attack   500G
Auto-Fire   500G
Auto-Evade   500G
Auto-Program   500G
Auto-Weapon Switch   500G


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