Nuclear Arms Manual


Nuclear Arms Manual is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.



My dear companion,

Excellent news: I've succeeded in obtaining 1 2 kilograms of dense, highly concentrated plutonium from an enemy laboratory. After careful analysis, I've concluded that we have enough to create three nuclear bombs. With that part taken care of, obtaining the other required materials should be a simple matter. This is the only way we can open their eyes to the truth!
The production of the bombs, however, is no simple task—and were I to be killed in the meantime, that knowledge would be lost. For this reason, I've chosen to store a blueprint for their construction in this ROM and leave it in your hands. With this, anyone with even a modicum of technical know-how should be able to assemble them.

Remember, this is not revenge--it is divine punishment!

May God's blessings be upon you always.

Where to find/Location

  • City RuinsLocked Chest: Located inside a broken building in the City Ruins.
  • Start by using the teleporter to City Ruins: Center. As you leave the teleporter, turn the corner behind you to the left (a ~135° rotation). You should now be facing northeast, towards a semi-collapsed building with a tree on top.
    Climb up the large roots, and enter the collapsed area of the building. Stave off the machine lifeforms, then head down to the lowest level of that area via a ruined staircase. The locked chest is in one of the corners.


  • The locked chest will not spawn if the side quest "Data on the Old World" is not active.

    • Anonymous

      01 Jul 2017 21:20  

      Why would you use degrees to indicate the location? Was it too hard to take a screenshot...........................hmmm go to this location turn 40 degrees to the west take 20 steps take a left turn 240 degrees wtf lol

      • Anonymous

        19 May 2017 17:22  

        Load Ch. 07-01: Reporting to Pascal. Talk to Pascal and show him the A2 footage. Then talk to him again to activate the quest. The chest should appear. Then decide to whom you want to give the data.

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