Tattered Pamphlet

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Park Information


Carnival Plaza

Pass through the gates and step into a world of fantasy before enjoying a fabulous parade put on by our carnival cast!

*Parades are held twice daily, at 2PM and 6PM.


Midnight Town

How many of the ghosts that stalk these back streets can you track down?


Roller Coaster

Soar through the air at over 130 kilometers an hour in this wlidly popular attraction!


Grand Ferris Wheel

Perfect for those looking to wind after a day of hard play. Rumor has it that


Hollywood Coaster

This dynamic thrill ride takes guests on a wild trip around a spectacular fantasy castle. It's the first roller coaster ever created with NO SEAT BELTS!


Fantasy Castle

Treat yourself to a grand ball attended by princesses from across the entire amusement park! (Admission extra)


Food Court

Tempt your taste buds with a host of restaurants that feature something for the whole family. And remember, no trip is complete without a visit to our world-famous Hot Dog Museum, which boasts the largest collection of wieners anywhere in the world!

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