Type-40 Sword


170 - 180

Combo Light


Combo Heavy



Small Sword



Type-40 Sword is a Small Sword in NieR: Automata


Type-40 Sword Information


"The latest YoRHa model."

  1. "An advanced blade, issued to elite YoRHa on the front lines. Its power increases with its charge."



Where to Find\Location




  • Stun Up makes it easier to stagger enemies when you hit them.
  • Energy Charge increases your damage for a few swings after not using the weapon for a few seconds. A blue electricity effect will be on the weapon when Energy Charge is ready.
  • ??




LvL Attack Combo Other Improvement Materials Needed
1  170 - 180

Light: 5

Heavy: 3

2  306 - 324

Light: 6

Heavy: 3

Stun Up 2,500G + 5x Rusted Clump, 5x Broken Circuit, 3x Pearl
3  476 - 504

Light: 7

Heavy: 3

Stun up

 5,000G + 4x Dented Plate, 3x Titanium Alloy, 3x Broken Battery, 2x Black Pearl
4  646 - 684

Light:: 7


Stun up+

Energy charge

 10,000G + 2x Memory Alloy, 5x Broken Battery, 3x Large Battery, 2x Machine Arm, 1x Meteorite



Weapon Story


 Level 1


YoRHa R&D Team Journal: August 29

Held a progress-report meeting for the new weapon. Considering how many observers we have from the other orbiting satellites, I can tell they expect a lot from us."


 Level 2


YoRHa R&D Team Journal: December 10

We had our first core-installation experiment today. Saw some troubling signs, including issues with unexpected irregular output and core perimeter defenses."


 Level 3


YoRHa R&D Team Journal: January 8

The Circuits of three consecutive staffers burned out after attempting to remove the core's protection. I've requested replacement personnel."


 Level 4


YoRHa R&D Team Journal: January 15

Command pulled the plug on our project. The weapon will be put into official operation with the core still sealed."





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