Attack Chips

Attack Chips are a category of Plug-in Chips in Nier: Automata. They allow you to enhance abilities related to your attacks.






Critical Up

Increases critical hit rate.  (1%~30%)


Small Biped (City Ruins); Small/Medium Biped (Amusement Park Rollercoaster); Situational (Chapter 10-02 City Ruins)


Move toward an enemy attack with perfect timing to counter it. (0%~250% counter damage)


Medium Biped Sword Equipped (Desert: Housing Complex / Adam's Boss Pit)

Shock Wave

Add a shock wave to weapon attacks.


Small Bipeds (Desert Housing Complex / Adam's Boss Pit)

Charge Attack

Increase power of charge attacks (hold triangle). (120%~400%)


Goliath Biped (Desert / Adam's Boss Pit)

Weapon Attack Up

Increase power of weapon-based attacks. (2%~100%)


Medium Biped (Flooded City); Medium Biped (Ravine); Situational (Chapter 17-01); Medium Biped (City Ruins); Situational (Tower during 9S Hacking Mission)

Down-Attack Up

Increase the power of down-attacks. (2%~100%)


 Goliath Biped (City Ruins)

Ranged Attack Up

Increase power of projectiles attacks. (2%~100%)


 Small Flyer (City Ruins); Small Flyer (Flooded City)

Last Stand

Increase attack power if HP is 25% or less. (5%~100%)


 Small Biped (Abandoned Factory Underground)

Continuous Combo

Combos continue while evading.


Devola & Popola Shop (Route A/C)



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    • Anonymous

      19 Apr 2017 21:57  

      The capacity numbers are incorrect. All chips have the same capacity values. Lowest can be anywhere from 4 (diamond) to 11, all the way up to +8 chips at 21 (diamond) to 35.

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