System Chips in NieR: Automata is a category of Plug-in ChipsSystem Chips provide changes to the HUD of the game, such as showing a mini-map, displaying the HP Gauge of the player, cooldown of skills used, and many more. System Chips usually consume a small amount of memory of the character to use it. All Plug-in Chips have a Cost that determines how much space they take up when equipped in storage. You can purchase more storage space from merchants so that you can equip more chips. This page covers a list of all the System Chips in NieR Automata.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Plug-in Chip in NieR Automata

  • There are caps when equipping multiple of the same Plug-in Chips to combine their effects. The Drop Rate Up chip effect is capped at 90% and so the maximum effect can be achieved with one Rank 8 chip. In contrast, the EXP Gain Up chip has an estimated 450% cap which is far greater than the 100% effect on a single Rank 8 chip.
  • Sometimes equipping two lower Rank chips to achieve their maximum effect can cost less storage than equipping a max Rank chip, even if the max Rank chip is ♦ Cost.
  • Some chips can be sacrificed in exchange for more power at the cost of convenience or utility, such as choosing to not equip HUD chips that display information like damage values, the mini-map, or even your HP.



NieR Automata All System Chips

Quick Search of System Chips in NieR: Automata



Plug-in Chip Description/Effect

Plug-in Chip Location

HUD Damage Values

3 Display the values of damage dealt and received. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Enemy Data

2 Displays enemy levels and HP. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Objectives

1 Display text showing your current objectives. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Control

3 Auto-hide HUD elements in certain situations. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Save Points

1 Display an icon in areas where you can save. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Mini-map

2 Display the mini-map. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Text Log

2 Display the text log. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Skill Gauge

2 Display the skill gauge (shows a Pod program's cooldown time). Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD HP Gauge

2 Display the player's HP gauge Resistance Camp Supply Trader

OS Chip

2 An android's central system. Removal means death. Just try and remove it (but save first)


1 Display the EXP gauge and amount of EXP earned. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Fishing Spots

3 Display an icon in areas where you can fish. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

HUD Sound Waves

3 Display a sound analysis graph. Resistance Camp Supply Trader

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      Should it be added the location and prices of the chips that can be bought, as well the differences of capacity ? From the pages I saw, it is implied that they can only be found or obtained from quests.

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