Endings Guide in Nier: Automata is covered on this page. There are multiple endings to the game, and seeing them all requires multiple playthroughs. You will find a guide to achieving each ending below.


Endings Guide

Ending A: flowers for m[A]chines

  • Play through the game for the first time and complete all of the Main Story Quests


Ending B: or not to [B]e

  • Load the cleared save from beating the game once and earning Ending A. Play through the game again and complete all of the Main Story Quests to achieve this ending.


Ending C: meaningless [C]ode

  • Load up and play through the game a third time. For the final boss battle, choose A2.
    Note: If 9S is chosen instead, you can quickly acquire this ending by opening Chapter Select and choosing Ch. 17-09.


Ending D: chil[D]hood’s end

  • During your third playthrough, choose 9S for the final boss battle. During the text portion, you'll have 2 choices: "I'll go with you" or "I'll stay". Choosing "I'll stay" results in this ending.  Choosing "I'll go with you" skips it.
    Note: If A2 is chosen instead, you can quickly acquire this ending by opening Chapter Select and choosing Ch. 17-09.


Ending E: the [E]nd of yorha

  • Upon viewing either Ending C or D once more (This can be done quickly through Chapter Select, Ch. 17-09), during the credits, you will be prompted by Pod 153 to perform a data check. If accepted, after a brief exchange between both pods, you will be prompted once more. Accepting the option stating you "wish for them to survive" will allow you to play a shooting minigame. Complete the minigame to unlock this ending.
    Note: Dying repeatedly in the minigame will eventually prompt the player asking them if they want help. Accepting the help will make this section trivial.WARNING! When you are asked to delete your save file it means it, you will LOSE all progress.


WARNING: When attempting to get any of the following endings, make sure to save first if necessary, as endings F through Z count as "bad ends" and will return you to the titlescreen without saving.

Ending F: mission [F]ailed

  • [Ch. 01-03_2] After Engles knocks 9S onto it's back, fail to repair your system by letting the timer run out.


Ending G: hun[G]ry for knowledge

  • [Ch. 01-01_2] When you get control of 9S for the first time, walk to the crane and neglect the mission.


Ending H: a mountain too [H]igh

  • [Ch. 05-02] Ignore the order to intercept the Goliath's attack on the city and abandon the mission. Taking the path from Pascal's Village to the Amusement Park easily achieves this.


Ending I: no [I] in team

  • [Ch. 08-01_2] Defeat the boss at the Copied City, then walk away from 9S.


Ending J: bad [J]udgement

  • [Ch. 09-01_3] When entering the factory and meeting the machines, kill any of them.


Ending K: aji wo [K]utta

  • [Ch. 06-01] After giving your report to commander you'll receive an email titled "Jackass: Fish". Speak to her at the Desert Camp to obtain the Mackerel item, which can be found in the "Caught Fish" menu. Eat it to earn this ending.


Ending L: [L]one wolf

  • [Ch. 10-01_3] OR [Ch. 10-03] Either exit the the Resistance Camp while it's being attacked OR abandon the entrance to Pascal's Village when the boss creature shows up.
    Note: While you can acquire this ending two different ways, one involving abandoning Pascal, the ending text will always refer to abandoning the Resistance Camp.


Ending M: break ti[M]e 

  • [Ch. 14-03] Don't go to Pascal's Village when it's attacked while playing as A2. Running to the Factory or Amusement Park instead should trigger this.


Ending N: [N]o Man's Village

  • [Ch. 07-01] Destroy every machine in Pascal's village
    Note: Can probably be done at various other times, but 07-01 seems like the easiest place to Chapter Select to.
    Note: Does not require you to destroy the machines actively using the slide if you've completed the quest which builds it. Also does not require destroying the reclusive machine, though that can be achieved by attacking through the walls of his house.


Ending O: just y[O]u and me

  • [Ch. 11-03] Instead of proceeding forward to the City Ruins simply run backwards towards the Factory.


Ending P: corru[P]tion

  • [Ch. 11-06] Allow 2B to die from the virus.
    Note: May be able to be achieved more quickly by heading to your objective marker and stopping on/before the bridge leading to the commercial facility, as the infection percentage jumps up when you're near your goal for the sake of suspense.


Ending Q: [Q]uestionable actions

  • [Ch. 11-07] Don't go to 2B's location near the commercial facility. Heading to the desert area or back towards the Resistance Camp instead will trigger this ending.


Ending R: mave[R]ick

  • [Ch. 14-05] Attack the peaceful robots nearby Pascal


Ending S: city e[S]cape

  • [Ch. 17-01] When attempting to gain access to the Tower, abandon Popola and Devola after they attempt to protect you.
    Note: Ending V can be acquired much more quickly if while attempting to acquire Ending S you save after hacking and disabling the 3 defense nodes, but before approaching the tower. 


Ending T: fa[T]al error

  • To earn this ending simply remove your OS chip.


Ending U: deb[U]nked

  • [Ch. 06-01] Self destruct while in the Bunker.
    Note: Can likely be acquired during any visit to the bunker, but 06-01 is a quick and easy starting place if using Chapter Select.


Ending V: reckless bra[V]ery

  • [Ch. 17-01] When attempting to gain access to the Tower, fight with Popola and Devola instead of hacking the Tower (or alternatively just stand there watching).
    Note: Ending S can be acquired much more quickly if while attempting to acquire Ending V you save after hacking and disabling the 3 defense nodes, but before approaching the tower.


Ending W: broken [W]ings

  • [Ch. 01-01_1] In the prologue when 2B flies into the factory, let yourself get killed by the giant laser/Die during the prologue in general.
    Note: You may wish to unequip any healing/defense chips before using Chapter Select to attempt this ending, as you cannot change chips during flight sections and the healing effects may make this ending take much longer to get.


Ending X: time to rela[X]

  • [Ch. 11-06] After reaching the commercial facility as virus-infected 2B, when the game switches you to controlling A2 run away instead of helping.


Ending Y: head[Y] battle

  • Allow Emil to self destruct at the end of the boss fight in the quest "Emil's Determination".
    WARNING: Currently this is the only "missable" ending, and can prevent earning the "Transcendent Being" Trophy/Achievement "legitimately". Make sure to let Emil self destruct and not save if you complete the fight without acquiring this ending, as there is no way to do the fight over. If one wishes to get the ending and finish the quest, you can save at Desert: Center to make restarting the fight after getting the ending quicker.


Ending Z: over[Z]ealous

  • [Ch. 14-01] After leaving the desert, when you encounter and save Pascal outside the Resistance Camp, choose to kill him instead of sparing him.



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