Enemies & Unit Data in NieR: Automata is shown here. These machines have taken over Earth and it is your job as the android to clear the planet of these abominations.

Full List Of Machines for Unit Data trophy

To acquire all Unit Data, you must find all enemies, NPCs and bosses. Some Enemies only spawn on certain places or chapters, and you must collect all possible variations of each enemy to get 100% completion. Variations are seen in the "Model Viewer" portion of your game, by pressing Triangle to change the models. For a secret unit, see this page.

Standard Units

  1. Small Stubby
  2. Small Stubby: Gun Equipped
  3. Small Stubby: Shield Equipped
  4. Small Stubby: Electromagnetic-shield-equipped
  5. Multi-tier Type
  6. Multi-tier Type: Gun Equipped
  7. Small Biped
  8. Small Biped: Torch Equipped
  9. Medium Biped
  10. Medium Biped: Shield Equipped
  11. Medium Biped: Electromagnetic Shield Equipped
  12. Medium Quadruped
  13. Multi-leg Medium model: Long-range
  14. Multi-leg Medium model: Close-range
  15. Goliath Biped
  16. Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model
  17. Reverse-jointed Goliath
  18. Small Flyer
  19. Medium Flyer
  20. Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
  21. Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2
  22. Small Exploder
  23. Medium Exploder
  24. Small Sphere: Axe-quipped
  25. Small Sphere: Drill-equipped
  26. Small Sphere: Gun-equipped
  27. Linked-sphere Type: Drill-equipped
  28. Linked-sphere Type: Thorn-equipped
  29. Linked-sphere Type: Gun-equipped
  30. Linked-sphere Type: Saw-equipped
  31. Rampaging Small Stubby
  32. Rampaging Small Biped
  33. Rampaging Medium Biped


Desert Machines

  1. Small Stubby
  2. Small Stubby: Saw-equipped
  3. Small Biped: Sword-equipped
  4. Medium Biped: Sword-equipped
  5. Medium Biped: Shield-equipped
  6. Medium Biped: Electromagnetic Shield-equipped
  7. Goliath Biped
  8. Small Flyer
  9. Medium Flyer (Gunner Unit: On Route C playthrough, go to the Desert: Oil Field access point, and hug the wall to the left as you exit the oil field's enclosure. Proceed until you see them.)
  10. Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit (Chapter 10-03 Route B. Transport to Desert: Oil Field and hug the right side when leaving the Oil Field until you find a cliff with enemies. Just climb up and check if any spawned, it does not have a 100% spawnrate)
  11. Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2 (Chapter 14-01. Turn off minimap rotation and head East from the central desert access point.)


Amusement Park Machines

  1. Small Stubby
  2. Small Biped
  3. Medium Biped: Gun-equipped
  4. Small Flyer
  5. Medium Flyer
  6. Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
  7. Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2
  8. Rampaging Small Biped
  9. Rampaging Medium biped

Forest Kingdom Machines

  1. Small Stubby
  2. Small Biped: Spear-equipped
  3. Medium Biped: Spear-equipped
  4. Medium Biped: Shield-equipped
  5. Medium Biped: Electromagnetic Shield-equipped (Available Route B onwards, Found by dropping down and gliding to a plaform under Masamune)
  6. Medium Quadruped
  7. Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model
  8. Small Flyer


Factory Machines

  1. Small Stubby
  2. Small Stubby: Kamikaze Unit
  3. Small Biped: Torch-equipped
  4. Small Biped: Axe-equipped
  5. Medium Biped: Axe-equipped
  6. Medium Quadruped (Chapter 09-02_2. Play as 2B. While climbing a winding spiral staircase, look for a gap in the stairs with another staircase below. Drop down and enter the room at the bottom to kill this unique enemy)
  7. Small Flyer

Enhanced Machines

  1. Small Stubby
  2. Multi-tier Type (All variations: Desert Zone: Camp area, in a corner to the far left of entrance, only on Route C chapters) Gun Varation Confimed to spawn on 12-01 in Desert Housing Complex in a large group of enemies on the path to where you fight Adam and Eve
  3. Multi-tier Type: Gun-equipped
  4. Small Biped
  5. Medium Biped
  6. Medium Quadruped
  7. Multi-leg Medium Model: Long-range
  8. Multi-leg Medium Model: Close-range
  9. Goliath Biped
  10. Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model (Abandoned factory Hangar: head further back to room past first press conveyor,rare spawn in that room, (room before the alternate route to noctis engine blade)
  11. Reverse-jointed Goliath (Flooded City: It should spawn in Route C (chapter 17-01 is confirmed, may work in earlier chapters), go straight ahead and it should spawn where the two Medium Bipeds usually are, very rare spawn, may need a lot of reloads).
  12. Small Flyer
  13. Medium Flyer
  14. Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit (Desert Zone: Far Right Side of Oil Field,in huge group of normal robots, next the 9s hackable chest, rare spawn , no normal medium flyers at this spawn,just bipeds and the rare flyers, also spawns in left side of oil field where the 2 normal kamikaze units are on later route C chapters - confirmed at 12-02)
  15. Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2 (Desert Zone: Far Right Side of Oil Field,in huge group of normal robots, near the 9s hackable chest, rare spawn , no normal medium flyers at this spawn,just bipeds and the rare flyers, also spawns in left side of oil field where the 2 normal kamikaze units are on later route C chapters - confirmed at 12-02)
  16. Small Sphere: Axe-equipped (Factory, Route C chapters)
  17. Small Sphere: Drill-equipped (City Ruins: Cave, Route C chapters)
  18. Small Sphere: Gun-equipped (City Ruins: Cave, Route C chapters / Flooded City: Coast, Route C chapters )
  19. Linked-sphere Type: Thorn-equipped (All Variations: Flooded City, during Route C)
  20. Linked-sphere Type: Saw-equipped  (C route - confirmed at Ch 17 - 3; Appears near the route through the ruin city's Speed ​​Star for the second time. Route C Appears in the room across the bridge if you go right at Access Point: Royal Chambers.)
  21. Linked-sphere Type: Drill-equipped (Desert Zone: Spawns on a rock near the cliffs between the entrance of the main desert area and the entrance to the Desert: Housing Complex)
  22. Linked-sphere Type: Gun-equipped

EMP Attack Machines

  1. Small Stubby
  2. Small Biped (spawns near Engel's arm in the city ruins starting at Chapter 12 route C. You might need to hit them and let them attack you for a bit to trigger the EMP effect and then kill them to get the unit data)
  3. Medium Biped
  4. Goliath Biped

Peculiar Machines

  1. Courageous Brother (All Gold Machines: Route C as 9S. Defeat each grounp starting at Desert Housing > Flooded City > City Ruins)
  2. Hateful Sister
  3. Vengeful Child
  4. Gold Tank
  5. Gold Goliath Biped
  6. Goliath Tank (Desert) (Encountered during the "Gathering Keepsakes" sidequest. Its unit data will only register once you complete the quest.)
  7. Gunman Biped (Gunman Machines: Heritage of the Past end)
  8. Gunman Flyer (Gunman Machines: Heritage of the Past end)
  9. Gunman Stubby (Gunman Machines:  Heritage of the Past end)
  10. Blood-drenched Machine
  11. Amusement Park Rabbit (Hack the Statue at Amusement Park with a Remote Controlled enemy or damage it until it starts moving.)
  12. Zombie Clown (Quest:  Stamp Collecting - Underground area by lift.)
  13. Animal Machine (Quest:  Turf War)
  14. Gravekeeper (Quest: Treasure Hunt at the Castle)
  15. Monster Type (Quest: The Twins' Request)
  16. Dying Goliath Biped (Quest: Lord of the Valley)


Amicable Machines

  1. Machine with a Dream (Quest: Sartre's Melancholy)
  2. Machine in Love (Quest: Sartre's Melancholy)
  3. Machine with Makeup (Quest: Sartre's Melancholy)
  4. Romeo (Quest: Stamp Collecting)
  5. Juliet (Quest: Stamp Collecting)
  6. Father Servo: White Belt (Quest: Robo Dojo--White Belt)
  7. Father Servo: Brown Belt (Quest: Robo Dojo--Brown Belt)
  8. Father Servo: Black Belt (Quest: Robo Dojo--Black Belt)
  9. Father Servo: Red and White Belt (Quest: Robo Dojo--Red and White Belt)
  10. Father Servo: Red Belt (Quest: Robo Dojo--Red Belt)
  11. Animal-loving Machine (Quest: Animal Care)
  12. High-speed Machine (Quest: Speed Star)
  13. Masamune

Unit Data Gallery

    • 16 Jun 2017 19:35  

      found an enhanced Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2
      as an rare spawn on the grass field in front of the tall building by the "city near factory access point"


      • 26 May 2017 01:06  

        Where are there Enhanced Small Bipeds? Need help to find those machines. I just can't complete Unit Data otherwise. Chapter or possible spawn location would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

        • 14 May 2017 23:36  

          Can you split A2 in two different unit under Android?

          Long Hair (when meeting her the first time at the Forest Chamber)
          Short Hair (Route C/D when choosing to fight as 9S against A2 as final boss)

          Got little confused when I followed this and got 99% and realized I haven't done ending D yet XD

          • 25 Apr 2017 01:35  

            Whoever worded some of these locations are just terrible.
            Specifically saying something like "the far right side of oil field" When the oil field is a small area that spawns no enemies, and if it's outside of the oil field, it'd be much easier to state the location from the point view of desert: center.

            • 15 Apr 2017 09:24  

              for desert medium flyers. (particularly 11. Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2 )
              I was on chapter 17.02 then coming out off desert: centre, there were two medium flyers near the wall between the two entrances. also two more on my way from the wall straight back to the desert:centre transporter.

              • 31 Mar 2017 18:42  

                Here I see three models of Multi-leg Medium Model in "standard units". Is it right? I have only long/close-ranged version and I don't know where to find standard (13-th in list of standard units). Can someone help me

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