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    • Anonymous

      Guys, I've just finished the game, and like and idiot I chose THAT option on ending E. I have PS+, but when I download the save file it doesn't show up ingame. Any solution??

      • Anonymous

        i bought this game ( nier ) and playing but one of my friend said to me that, the game itself have multiple endings, so i need to keep playing.
        yeah i keep continue and from the save slot it say ENDING : A G W ( if i remembered correctly ) , and i don't really understand about it.

        anyone can explain to me what is that mean ?
        and how many ending this game have ?

        i'm not gonna look for a guide or something bcuz i really enjoying myself play any game especially RPG game, blindly.
        and i'm ask about any of you guys that already finished the game. a beginner advices, about what should or shouldn't do.

        ah and also idk if this wiki here related with pc user but.
        i'm kinda frustrated because this game always crash every 10 minutes by FARmod.
        any guide how to setup the settings or something that i missed ?

        and without FARmod, the game having another issue like drop fps, unsync voice and lip gesture, also cutscene always lagging.

        ytb doesn't give me any clue how to fix FARmod or setup, even if i followed what video show me, still no good result.
        any help please, i really desperated :(


        • Anonymous

          Can anyone help me? I've done ending A , when I press continue and start as the robot healing his brother, I take control of 9s , but only for about 30 seconds, it then ends, the credits roll and it takes me back to the title screen, this keeps happening!!

          • Anonymous

            So uh, sad ending eh ?
            No more yorha, no androids, just nature with machines
            Im sorry I just got ending A and B, C still in progress.

            • Anonymous

              The real ending is when 9S and A2 killed each others. The death of 2B being infected by virus is just the part of story in half way. After the death of 9S and A2, then the white tower collapses. The End.

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