There are three playable characters in Nier: Automata. They were revealed in the early development stages and are subeject to change



YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B)

A mass-produced combat android, sent to Earth as a member of the “YoRHa,” a unit of automated infantry dolls. She is capable of melee attacks using swords, and long-range attacks using a support system known as a “Pod.” Her eyes are rarely seen, hidden behind her combat goggles.

YoRHa members are not given names; instead, they have only code numbers. They are forbidden from having feelings, but each model has its own individual differences, and 2B has a relatively cool and collected personality.


YoRHa No. 9 Type S (9S)

An android who specializes in hacking and scanning, excelling in melee combat. Said to have a very gentle personality.


YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2)

A quiet and supposedly superior model to 2B and 9S, however still a prototype.

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