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Trophy & Achievement Guide

  • Time to Platinum: 30+ hours (on Easy)
  • Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 (mostly skippable effort but needs 3 playthroughs)
  • Playthroughs required: 3
  • Missable Trophies: None


Most Efficient way to Platinum:

  1. First Playthrough: Do only necessary sidequests for item unlocks and things that are easy to find, until you unlock City Ruins: Cave and complete Alien Report. This opens up teleporting around the world, making side quests much easier. Most of your sidequests will vanish once you arrive at the Flooded City during Missile Supply Mission, so if you want to finish stuff do it before that.
  2. Second Playthrough: Focus on obtaining weapons and quests available only to 9S, such as ones in Locked Chests and such
  3. Third Playthrough: You’ll swap between 9S and A2 – giving you option to grind the Hacking and Berserker trophies. Pay attention to the Endings to get A2 and then 9S and see the “final” credits.
  4. Cleanup: You will now have chapter select and can go everywhere and complete every sidequest you may have missed, or get additional endings, do fishing, etc.
  5. Optional / Cheat / Shortcut: You can unlock a “trophy shop” that allows you to buy trophies with in-game currency. This is only available after completing your third playthrough. Here’s how to unlock the trophy shop.



  Final Words 

Thank you for playing.


  Resuscitated Body 

Stare into space from the Bunker. Unmissable Story: Reboot


  Vestiges of Prosperity 

Arrive at the city ruins. Unmissable Story: Gathering Intel


  It’s a Healthy Baby Boy! 

Complete the desert area. Unmissable Story: The Machine Surge


  We Await Your Next Visit 

Complete the amusement park ruins. Unmissable Story: MIA


  Creation and Insurrection 

Complete the alien ship. Unmissable Story: Alien Recon


  The Mechanical Kingdom 

Complete the forest castle. Unmissable Story: The Forest Kingdom


  Ruler of the Deep 

Complete the flooded city. Unmissable Story: Missile Supply Mission


  Those Who Love Humans 

Complete the copied city. Unmissable Story: 9S Captured


  Iron Soul 

Complete the abandoned factory. Unmissable Story: Twisted Religion


  One Battle Ends 

Achieve ending A. Unmissable Story: Threat Disposal


  A New Battle Begins 

Achieve ending B. Second Playthrough Ending: Threat Disposal (9S)


  Final Wish  

Watch 2B die. Third Playthrough Unmissable Story: Loss


  Treacherous Blade 

Control A2 for the first time. Third Playthrough Unmissable Story: Destroy Machines


  Farewell, Pascal 

Grant Pascal’s final request. Third Playthrough Unmissable Story: Pascal’s Despair



Stop all resource recovery units. Third Playthrough Unmissable Story: Obtain Keys


  Crime and Punishment 

Watch the final moments of Devola and Popola. Third Playthrough Unmissable Story: Tower Infiltration


  Leaving for the New World 

Achieve 9S’s ending. Third Playthrough: Choose 9S for final battle in To the Top Floor


  Beautiful World 

Achieve A2’s ending. Third Playthrough: Choose A2 for final battle in To the Top Floor


  The Minds That Emerged 

View the final credits. Third Playthrough: Choose 9S for final battle after obtaining Ending C and D, then deny Pod 153’s request to delete data. Survive the mini-game. See Endings Guide


  The Circle of Death 

Have your body collected. Collect your own body after you die.


  Cherish Our Resources 

Have 100 bodies collected. Play online. When you see dead player YoRHa units, pray for them and then “Retrieve". If you are high level you can easily attain this trophy using the endless supply of bodies in the copied city after defeating Adam.


  First Errand 

Complete your first quest. Complete any one Side Quest


  The Mercenary 

80% of all quests completed. Complete most Side Quests: here is a full list, with rewards


  Information Master 

80% of all archives found. Find most Archives (click for full list)


 Destruction is My Job 

80% of all unit data unlocked. Find most Enemies and NPC data. Here are lists on where to find them. Each enemy type may have several variances so follow the list closely.


  Chip Collector 

80% of all plug-in chips collected. Here’s a list of Plug-in Chips


  Weapons Maniac 

All Pod programs obtained. Here’s a list of all Pod Programs


  Tools of the Trade 

Any weapon upgraded to the highest level. To do this, you will need to unlock Masamune, and take any weapon to Level 4 at his shop in the Forest Zone.


  Inorganic Blade 

All weapons upgraded to the highest level. Here is a list of all Weapons. To upgrade them, you will have to use several materials and lots of G. This also unlocks a secret boss.


  Supreme Support Weapons 

All Pods upgraded to the highest level. Collect All Pods and then upgrade them at the Maintenance Shop. You will need several difficult-to-find Materials.


  Fighting’s Not My Thing 

Play your first hacking game. During your second playthrough, press and hold triangle to hack an enemy.


  A Scanner’s Power 

100 machine lifeforms destroyed by hacking. Detonate 100 enemies when hacking.


  Machines vs. Machines 

50 machine lifeforms destroyed by remote control. Use Remote Control and destroy 50 enemies with your remotely controlled machine.


  The Power of Hate 

50 machine lifeforms destroyed with berserk mode. Activate Berserk Mode (L3 and R3) on your third playthrough as A2, and destroy machines while in it. Equip health regenerating chips to counter the damage. Easy to unlock in highly populated areas such as the Desert Housing where you initially fought Adam.


  Ruler of the Skies 

255 enemies destroyed using a flight unit. Simply destroy as many enemies as you can each flight section you are given. Should unlock towards end of first playthrough.


  Harvest King 

Materials gathered at a hidden harvest point 10 times. Equip the Pod Program A170: Scanner, and hold down L1 as you walk around in any zone. Listen for the sound to become more frequent, and follow the direction of the increased beeps until you reveal an item. Do this 10 times.


  Pod Hunter 

All Pods found. Here’s a list of All Pods.


  Desire Without Emotion 

At least 100,000 G in possession. Easier than it sounds, simply manage your G by not purchasing much and selling useless plug-in chips and valuables. Machine Cores are of exceptional value.


 Animal Rider  

Any animal ridden for 5 kilometers. Use the Sachet or animal bait to get near Boars and Moose and press Circle to get on them. Then simply ride around from one zone to the next.


  A Round by the Pond 

20 different kinds of fish caught. Here’s a list of all the fish you can collect, and how to fish.


  Wait! Don’t Kill Me! 

10 friendly machine lifeforms destroyed. After you unlock Chapter Select, go to Pascal’s Village and kill the peaceful machines there. Don’t save after it unlocks if you don’t want their oil on your hands.


  What Are You Doing? 

2B’s secret discovered 10 times. Use the camera to peek up 2B’s skirt and see her panties. She will swap the camera away when you do it right. Perform this act 10 times.


  Not That I Mind… 

1 hour played with 9S in a certain state. This can be done at any time after you self-destruct 9S by holding (L3+R3), after that his pants will blow off so spend 1h without his pants (they will return if you use the teleporter).


  Come Take a Look! 

Emil’s shop used for the first time. After completing the Forest Zone, check for Emil’s mask on the map, he’s usually near the Desert: Camp area. You should shoot at him once to make him stop running around, then talk to him to access his shop.


  Naughty Children 

Emil destroyed. You will need to finish Emil’s Memories sidequest, and be warned it’s a very high-level battle. Here’s a full description of how to access it and how to defeat Emil.


  Transcendent Being 

All endings achieved. There are 26 endings for the game, that can be saved one over another. Do this on your third playthrough by using chapter select and our Endings Guide.


  Lunar Tear 

The place of memories has been visited. Complete Emil’s Memories and use the Elevator Key at the commercial facility to unlock a Nier easter egg.



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    • Anonymous

      I decided to reinstall this game after a long while to cleanup the rest of the trophies and it turns out that the Naughty Children trophy is bugged. It turns out I already finished the Emil's Memories sidequest a few years before I uninstalled it for other games. I already fought him both times, and gotten ending Y and the Transcendent Being trophy. Is there anyway to fix this or replay the mission or do I have to just buy it?

      • Anonymous

        I only bought the one related to online play since I refuse to pay for PS+

        Honestly wish more games let you do this, at least for the trophies related to online play

        • I'm really glad there is a option to buy the trophies with G. It saves me from being cruel and merciless to get all the endings. Also saves me the embarrassment of running around as 9S without pants for an hour...

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