Children's Cores

children's cores material nier automata wiki guide
Type Material
Buy 18,000G
Sell 50,000G
Quantity 1

Children's Cores is a Crafting Material in NieR: Automata. Crafting Materials are used to upgrade your Weapons and Pods and you will find them in various Locations throughout your playthrough of the game. They can also be dropped by some Enemies as you defeat them.


The cores of children from Pascal's village. It is clear they were cherished by the villagers.
Can be exchanged for money.


Where to Find Children's Cores in NieR Automata


Children's Cores Effects & Uses in NieR Automata

  • Can be sold for 50,000G.


Children's Cores Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Children's Cores in NieR: Automata goes here.



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    • Anonymous

      well, i noticed by defending the village that the "teen-bot" that liked to lock itself up, was still alive and well behind his locked door, but sure, no survivors xD

      • Anonymous

        My shared failure? Hell no, I did everything perfectly, I even killed the first 2 savage machines without killing the machine they were eating, and I still ended up with everyone dead (scripted), I... WE have no part in their butchering, nice try yoko, nice try

        • Anonymous

          The Japanese version even mentions in the item description that they're "in good condition". How can Pascal sell the cores of the children (in good condition no less) if they destroyed them when committing suicide? Makes no sense...

          • Anonymous

            There's bunch of little machines wandering on top of buildings near ruined city where you meet Emil by the desert area. I wonder if you can "Use" the cores in any scenarios. For example going back in chapter select and trying to use it on the children bodies, or on the wandering machines. Or trying to "use" it on the headless body in the abandoned factory. -erlanggod

            • Anonymous

              Worth noting that the cores can be sold for 50K at Resistance Camp. Over double the value back on my current playthrough.

              • Anonymous

                The worst part is that Pascal calls his wares " useless junk". The body parts of his friends and family, and the "hearts" of the children he cared so much for..."junk". *Cries in a corner*

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