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Emil's Determination is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata




Emil's Determination Objectives


Emil's Determination Rewards

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Emil's Determination Walkthrough





  • In the final self-destruct sequence you need to kill the only vulnerable Emil.
  • If you allow Emil to self-destruct at the end, you unlock Ending Y (head[Y] battle). This ending is missable, as if you complete the quest and save your progress, there is no way to go back and restart the fight.
  • After completing this side quest, you can still find Emil's shop and initiate the Emil boss fight in the underground cave where his house is.


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    • Anonymous

      Accessing this quest can be confusing, because it's only available during very specific subchapters. 2B and 9S can access Emil's Determination at the start of subchapter 06-04 with no extra effort. 9S can access the quest on his own during 13-01, 13-02, and 13-04. A2 can access the quest at the start of 14-01. There's likely other subchapters as well, but I can confirm that it's unavailable as 2B without 9S.

      As a general warning, if you complete this quest before getting ending Y by failing the timed portion of this sidequest, getting that particular ending becomes impossible.

      • Anonymous

        *****!! Your 'notes' part is so *****ing misleading. You told us here not to kill emil and let it self explode if we want to achieve ending Y. Now my save file is screwed and can revert to get ending Y. ***** you !!

        • Anonymous

          Is Emil still alive when you don’t get ending Y and complete the quest? He seemed to have died, but I’m unsure because the other NieR wiki says he’s only dead in ending Y.

          • Anonymous

            Can you not do this quest as 2B? I did everything up until the part where you go to Emil's place to get into the locked box but then I needed 9S so do I have to restart the entire quest because when I go into chapter select to choose 9S it goes back to when I haven't even gone into Emil's place yet and I might have to get the lunar tears again.

            • Anonymous

              Can I just but the inorganic blade trophy to initiate this quest or do I need to go collect and upgrade all weapons? I have killed Emil the first time already and done Emil's memories.

              • I can't seem to complete this. Every time I try I get ending Y, but I feel like there's a serious ending to this quest that involves saving our Emil, any tips anyone?

                • Anonymous

                  This page's headers are wrong:
                  Emil's Determination Objectives
                  Emil's Memories Rewards*
                  Emil's Memories Walkthrough*
                  *should say determination not memories

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